Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bernard {Bernie} Madoff to head Federal Reserve?!?!

Earthlings you never learn!
I know 1929 was a long time ago and many of you weren't yet born yet but it is still recent history in perspective and in perspective mimics your current problems - you allow greedy speculators to wreck your economy even when it is otherwise sound.
Also, your all to human desire for revenge blinds you to obvious opportunity.
Bernie Madoff only did something wrong because the economy began to melt and he could not back up, the up to then successful money-making scheme which even some big players {ie. banks and royalty} were buying into - no one cared where or how, greed ruled and who gave a dam???
This reminds us of your banking system, if not a Ponzi scheme, then an out and out fraud!!!
Bankers continually based much of their profits on continuously loaning money, and encouraging
fellow humans to borrow more and more money at exuberant, if not extortionist interest rates
and soon as the economy took a hit started to go belly-up. They did many times more damage to your economic system than the 'fellow traveler' Bernie Madoff! AND GOT THE GOVERNMENT TO BACK THEM UP WITH TAX PAYER MONEY!!
Here is what I would suggest: Have the government pay at least part of Bernie Madoff's losses
back to the investors and put Bernie Madoff in charge of the Federal Reserve - A mind so capable of operating a scheme that even some bankers secretly envied might be the only hope you have of restoring your otherwise now worthless economic system.
What you are looking for is 'economic alchemy' - or call it 'reverse chicanery'.

-Alien Commander Omd I