Monday, April 7, 2014

Space Travel Through Time and Space and the Nature of Reality

Now consider this: If you want to prove the reality of one world you will find this to be impossible as there is no reason to believe there is either one world or one existent state of reality. By accepting that there are many worlds, possibly as many worlds as there are observers than you will begin to see that reality is a relative concept that requires an understanding of what any one observation means and how that observation is so related to the observations of others. Again, 'THE' real world would require a fixed observer who maintains superiority to all other observers - there is no indication or proof that such an ultimate definer exists. All observers that we know of are observing reality differently and we still know of no way to prove that one observer and his observations have any superiority over another observers view - Accept many worlds and many observers and seek a definition and observation based upon 'relativity' in a philosophical and physical sense - Yes the theory of relativity can be extended into concepts of philosophical importance and the quantum connections between observations, events, states of mind, and states of existence must be considered.

When you consider these facts humans and realize that you do not have to be limited by your current understanding of what reality is, then you are ready to theorize, test, and prove theories that will open the StarGates you will need for galactic and later intergalactic space travel.