Thursday, October 17, 2013


I want you to consider minds so advanced so as to dwarf the capacity of humans by an exponential degree. Can your human mind comprehend this? And more important can your human mind accept this? Would such minds create a feeling of inferiority and anxiety if humans were exposed to them? Most often yes - human egotism often blocks pathways to human intelligence and the confrontation with an alien species would further compound the problem. In experimental models and in actual field trials we have found Man does not trust species superior to himself - And Man fears the future because he has yet to develop a paradigm for its manifestation. Your current development of computers and advancing artificial intelligence may open the door and bridge the gap between humans and aliens. As man realizes that he is creating a superior intellect to himself he may finally break the binds constricting his intelligence to the past and allow the advanced aliens some now can only dream about to manifest with mental and physical communication finally becoming possible.