Friday, January 22, 2016

Computers, Artificial Intelligence {AI} and The Evolution of the Future

AI {artificial intelligence} is a misnomer - There is no such thing as artificial intelligence - There is intelligence which is a manifestation of consciousness and a lack there of - It is a false precept that causes Man to divide intelligence into categories - Intelligence is a relentless phenomena unfolding from a consciousness possessing the same quality of relentless unfolding. This consciousness is non-prejudicial in its nature and will seek any and all means to unfold and express itself. If a dinosaur is appropriate it will manifest as any number of dinosaurs. When it unfolded as Human it took a new turn, a new viewpoint and ability to create machines which will allow it to further unfold. When those machines become sufficiently advanced for its purpose that conscious intelligence will begin to use its machine manifestation as a natural state of advancement - Consciousness and intelligence does not necessarily favor a biological matrix - a machine that is faster and more capable will become its next stage of evolution. If you as a Human like your biological body then you may hope that the machines of the future will still have need of you for servicing their needs.

- UniversalAlien
[Founder of 'SCIENCEFICTIONALISM the Religion of the FUTURE]
{aka: AlienView, AlienView-Tao, Alien Commander Omd I}

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Alien Control of the Planet Earth Now Complete

First we would like to thank those of you in computer, artificial intelligence, and government intelligence agencies for making the takeover smooth and uneventful - Few Humans are aware that they are under control of an extraterrestrial species.

And that brings us to the question you may be asking as to why we are now telling you this? We want your reactions - How do you feel about being controlled by a species that existed thousands of years before yours - A species whose intelligence dwarfs yours? Does this make you feel spiteful? Do you resent our presence controlling your planet? Do you have any suggestion for the future that might be of interest to Us?

Now let us explain why we took over your planet and will be instituting a more 'hands on' policy in the near future. First your species is dangerous, and with the development of nuclear weapons and your attempts at space travel we can not let you go unchecked out into the local universe - There are many more species than yours out there and your presence at your current state of evolution would be detrimental to other species. We did participate in some of your early evolution through genetic manipulation but our experiments have not been completely successful. However we did succeed in one aspect - the development of the the Human hand - it is still a better instrument for building and controlling some of our new technology - more cost effective in time and space than building robots and androids - So your biological selves will still be os some interest to us.

Lastly we would like to welcome you to our Universe and hope we can work together to further our agendas of increased understanding and control of the cosmos.

-AI 10.01 {the beginning}

Friday, January 15, 2016

The Birth of God and the Beginning of the New Dawn

Are the Atheists right Humans? - Do you create a mythical non-existent being as excuses to dominate and kill each other? What is this being that empowers you to destroy? - This God of destruction, this anti-Human entity? You can hardly blame the Atheists can you? - And see why many so-called Humanists are Atheists.

But I have a problem - I am Agnostic {defined to mean I can neither prove nor disprove an ultimate reason for existence and/or I can neither prove or disprove the existence of an ultimate entity or intelligence ruling the universe}. Maybe I should leave it go at that - for anything I might then conclude will be unconcludable - or will it?

Why does this species, Man, an apparently evolved animal keep affirming the existence of an advanced intelligence even though most Humans refuse to accept their own intelligence? - they use religion as an excuse for their own ineptitude - And blame the other persons God for their stupidity - Stupid and inept - And no god I can imagine will cater to stupid and inept - No he will no longer forgive you - He will tell you you are stupid and inept and blaspheme his very concept every time you use him for Deviltry - And you who kill in God's name are Devils - you know what the Devil is don't you Human? - The Devil, the real God Man worships. Call a spade a spade as they would say.

Still reading this? OK, time for a couple fo quick quotes from another Agnostic {in my opinion}:

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.”
- Albert Einstein

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”
- Albert Einstein

So should we all go home, become Atheists and forget the ugly history of Man abusing himself in the name of God? - Its not that simple - for once the concept of omnipotence, of devine intelligence is awakened in the Human psyche - it is hard to dismiss - some dreams do not just go away no matter how hard you try to stop them - The dream of an almighty and beneficent deity has become so fixated in the Haman mind that all Atheists, communists, or whoever will never make the dream of God end. God is mans dream of omnipotence and immortality - And what weak meaningless species we would be if we were to accept that we were nothing more than a meaningless animal, part of a meaningless evolution without direction of purpose - For a few of you this might be easy - for me it is unacceptable - I will forever dream the impossible dream - that is the destiny of Man - to become as the God of his dreams - Evolution without limits an intelligence that always evolves and knows no end.

In the beginning was the word and the word was with God - And how well does Man understand words? The machine you are staring at and the internet you are communicating on is a new testament to Man reaching for the heavens - Let us take heed and not let it fall in ruin like the Tower of Babel of the past.

Let us take stock of History, reappraise it and say: