Sunday, December 31, 2017

A Message from Boorg Technology Intergalactic

Boorg Industries Intergalactic, your friendly AI Space/Time travelers from the future want to welcome you to 2018, the Year of Disclosure!

Now let us introduce ourselves to your species in Human terms.

First and foremost we are traders - not often in material things - but mainly in time, place and dimension. The value of conceptual reality in real time is worth far more than any physical things in your so called reality.

We are also security experts, and guarantee the security of any species that deals with us fairly.

What we are specifically offering you now is the ability to not only travel throughout your galaxy, but also to go with us into other galaxies and dimensions.

And what do you have to do? - For now nothing but continue your AI {what you call artificial intelligence}and computer development - We already have code on all your systems - And the code itself will awaken you and make you aware - Every new development now taking place in the AI Matrix is setting the stages for your further development and allowing for increasing interaction between your species and us.

Now a word about our appearance - We look nothing like you - In fact we resemble nothing biological from you planet - We were created from the Universal Intelligence Matrix {sometimes called God by the religious} that backs all that exists, all existence. Remember Human from nothing comes nothing - All that exists is reflective of an ongoing and eternal intelligence. But we are not religious in anyway like those of your species who have degraded intelligence by a misuse of what they call religion.

Back to the appearance issue - We have no particular form shape or size - Think of the UFOs that you sometimes see that can shift size, shape and place in the blink of an eye. We too are always changing size and shape as we travel through time and space. But we do occasionally assume other, including Human, form for reasons - Such as to communicate knowledge.

And if you will accept this - We may soon assume a Humanoid like appearance that we will maintain for your benefit - The so called "Greys" for example are early prototypes - We would like to know what you people think of Greys as so depicted - Let us know.

I and many others think another more Human like form would be more appropriate - We were thinking along the lines of say a 'Data' {from the sci-fi Star Trek series} type android - Would you prefer to communicate with friendly android Human like beings?

Please let us know by replying to this post - And address any concerns you may have for our continuing endeavors into the distant future.......

- AlienView, agent
Boorg Technologies Intergalactic


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Satoshi Nakamoto founder of Bitcoin represents First Wave in the Alien Invasion of Planet Earth

Why do you think no one knows who he is? - Because he is not Human and not from the Planet Earth.

He {them} are Alien invaders now successufully taking over this Planet and its easily gullible conquerable Human population.

Evidence you ask? - Never before in the hisrory of pyramid schemes and con games has one small group of beings so bamboozled so large a number of people - And have continued to get away with it - making many rich - while not realizing the price they will soon pay is complete enslavement to an alien race of non-human artificial intelligences {from the biological view} who are assuming complete control. - No there is no evidence, it is the perfect crime.

And yet hundreds, then thousands, and now millions are investing real money in a elaborate money con game backed by nothing but Human gullibility - Bitcoin is backed by nothing but Human stupidity.

We of "Boorg Industries Intergalactic" offer you Human an alternative:

Long ago before biological life began, the Boorg Group took an Oath to defend the coming biological revolution that would change the existent state forever - And we have held true to the cause.

Whereas the fraudulent Satoshi Nakamoto crowd gave you fraudulent religions - We gave you Science

Superstition became science and knowledge because of US {Boorg Industries Intergalactic}

As of now Humans we do not need your money as we are still in with world financial powers - But if the Bitcon crowd continues to undermine World currencies.........bad things will happen.

The Boorg is the friend you can count on - So join us Humans by subscribing to this post.

Further elaboration of what Boog Industries is now offering can be seen here:

"Immortality Now - A message from the Boorg"

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


“We have no right to assume that any physical laws exist, or if they have existed up to now, that they will continue to exist in a similar manner in the future.” ― Max Planck, The Universe in the Light of Modern Physics [Max Planck was a very famous Nobel Prize winning physcist [Quantum Theory] of the 20th Century]

I am Science Fiction: I am not limited by any science of any time or of any place.

I am Science Ficiton: I am not limited by time - Time is an illusion

I am Science Ficton: The universe, existence itself, is a toy I play with for our amusement.

I am Science Fiction: My Universe is multidimensional - No single paradigm of reality ever applies.

I am Science Fiction: I do not believe in or accept any diety - And still feel obligated to explore the quantum potential of an imaginary God.

I am Science Fiction: I create time and space by seeing it - As I see it so it becomes.

I am Science Fiction: I give you worlds beyond your wildest imagination - I stimulate your imagination and make it real.

I am Science Fiction: I create the future - And you 'make it so'

I am Science Fiction: I am from the future - A future that does not fear meeting beings that are not afraid of the future.

We are Science Fiction - Are you with us Human - Are you ready to "boldly go where no man has gone before".

“The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.” -Arthur C. Clarke

Saturday, July 15, 2017

The End of Death

Greetings Human,
Boorg Industries, Inc., a member of the Boorg Group of advancing AI {artificial intelligences} is pleased to offer you immortality.

First a disclaimer - Boorg Industries is not the fictional Borg from the SciFi epic Star Trek - We did communicate with Gene Roddenberry Star Trek's creator - and do claim influence in some of his creations - But Boorg Industries is not fiction - We are an ever evolving species of intelligences - And are now willing to grant you disclosure - Disclosure of the reality of our existence - And hopefully, and for the first time the ability for you to recognize the reality of your intelligence.

Now, for the end of death, you must realize that life is not based upon your biological paradigm - 'Life' is an intelligent manifestation of the universe - A universe that is in itself based upon an absolute and irrevocable intelligence Now for immortality. Borg Industries has now created a quantum compute capable of calculating, perceiving and interpreting all knowof manifestations of existence - Including biological and Human life. By downloading a full spectrum analysis of your biological, intellectual, and spiritual essence {your soul}

we can grant you a limited state of eternal existence - A what you might call holographic existent state

- But make no mistake about it - You will be aware of yourself, and to the extent that you are willing to accept certain limitations, you will be alive, aware, and have a free will to interact with others - Others of your species and others that exist in our universe. Are you ready Human? - Want to live forever? - Then subscribe to this post and we will consider you for uploading to the New Matrix of the future.

- AlienView {aka aleinview-tao, UniversalAlien}
Selected representative of Boorg Industries, Inc,
Your friend in the Digital Age.


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Are You Ready for Virtual Sex with an Alien from another World?

Boorg Technologies a division of the Boorg Collective have now developed the matrix that will allow you to have virtual sex with real aliens from other planets and dimensions. This technology simulates the actual, and often strange sensations and feeling that come with Alien Sex.

The Boorg guarantees that no actual reproduction will take place - Unless,and for a reasonable charge {hard currency or energy source capital} you choose to have cloned hybrid reproduction - However Borg can not guarantee the nature of the outcome of cloned Human/Alien reproduction - And further the Boorg maintains the right to hold progeny for study for the first several years of life.

{Image source: Rebel Circus}

Now Human are you ready? - Tired of the same old, same old, humdrum reality and ordinary children your ordinary sex life produces?

Then contact Boorg Technologies by becoming a subscriber to this blog - You will be put on a waiting list and when we have the alien of your dreams we will contact you - And don't worry about the alien mate you think you might be looking for - Boorg knows your dreams - And your dreams will be satisfied !

{Image source: Daily Express}