Wednesday, October 7, 2015


We know the media depiction of superheroes - Humans with magical powers capable of far more than normal Human abilities - They can do what no normal Human can and are quite resistant to attack. We are all familiar with Superman, Batman, Daredevil, Spider Man, The Green Lantern, Iron Man, Thor, etc., etc. These are the superheroes you know of from fictional comics, books, and movies.

Now I will tell you about a new breed of superheroes, not fictional characters, but real of this Earth {and other worlds} superheroes that you are not even aware of, and until today have remained anonymous. We are the Superwebsters - Online operators that patrol the internet - not for ordinary criminals such as hackers and identity thieves, but for malicious attack by aliens attempting to pirate your entire planet. We stand guard 24/7 and if not for us your planet Earth would already be nothing more than a mining colony and slave ship for alien beings so malicious that your darkest nightmare would pale in comparison. If you think surfing the web is safe because of anti-malware programs you are living in a fool's paradise.

Your computer and the internet it accesses is being monitored relentlessly by beings far more evil than any of your comic book superheroes ever confronted. We have developed super codes to detect these agents of evil and have super codes to fight them.

And who are we you ask? For communication with you we will call ourselves 'The Web Continuum' and I will be known to you from hence forward as 'The WebsterMan', 'Guardian of the Web' And why do I and the rest of the web guardians do this? We are here to preserve the future of civilizations throughout the galaxy, including alternative dimensions, some of which are very close to you and evil beings from there have come close to pirating and looting your entire planet. Some of us are Humanoid, others quite alien, but we all share a common goal for the future - A future that seeks continuation of scientific advancement and progressive interaction with a universe that we will ride into the future.

Together with us Humans of the Planet Earth, we can progress into a better world, a friendlier and more manageable universe and a world where benign beings can share. When we say share do not mistake this for some political socialistic goal, we are not political, that is not our interest, but cooperation in the future is so profitable so as to boggle your Human imagination - poverty does not exist, it is an anachronism of the past.

Be aware of the forces trying to stop us - trying to enslave you and pirate your planet - some of you call them Reptilians and they are very real - And others of our species have been fighting them for eons - And now in the digital age they take on a new form - but so do we. fight with us Humans of the Planet Earth - we will always be here to help.

-WebsterMan, 'Guardian of the Web' -

Friday, August 7, 2015


The Universe is an intelligent manifestation - Its primary matrix is neither matter nor energy - It is intelligence. Man is a small biological manifestation in the infinite paradigms of existence and can not yet understand this - One day he may. There are however some things that Man can now understand. Intelligence has no limits and is ever expanding and seeking more intelligence. The biological experiment culminating in Man is small, limited, and wrought with problems - for example biological life needs to feed off of other biological life and this tends to limit biological advancement. But biological life is still interesting and very rare in the Universe - The Universe is seeking more biological life and looking to expand biological life to fill the vacuum of space. We are now seeking for Humans to figure out ways to expand their existence to other parts of the galaxy. We ask you to figure out ways to transport biological life - and to do so so as to bypass your current limitations of travel - The speed of light limitation must be, and can be, overcome. Show us the theory and we will aid you in the technique of development. Find the theories and we will show you how to do it - How to make it so.

-UniversalAlien {aka: AlienView, alienview-tao, Alien Commander Omd I}

Tuesday, February 17, 2015



ScienceFictionalism is a new religion of the future. It is being created by time travelers from an indeterminate and undefinable future who ask to be determined and defined. ScienceFictionalism worships the future and tries to shape its direction to ensure that it {the future} continues. Its followers are more than futurists and transhumanists - Its followers are its creators - Its followers are time travelers who create time!