Monday, May 20, 2013


You have come a long way Human. From the early days of your history when the primitive humanoids built the first shelter to protect them from the elements the human species began the long trek that leads us aliens to communicate with and hopefully inspire your still somewhat primitive minds. We do this human not just for your benefit, though you will benefit, but also because 'we' need you for our agenda for 'universal control' of the universe and the elements of which it is composed. We seek mastery of all of physical existence and your manual dexterity is important for the construction of the machinery {ie. advanced capability computers} that we will use in the coming eons of universal conquest. Remember humanoids we are not interested in controlling the social/political aspects of your species, most of which is trite and based upon the unfortunate warlike and egotistical nature of your species. But, rather what we need from you is your help in mastering control of all of the material aspects of existence.

Join us humanoids. Give up on your idiotic attempts to conquer each other and join us in our plans for mastering the universe.

-Alien Commander Omd I [Human/Alien channel} {aka: AlienView-Tao}