Sunday, September 11, 2016

An Infinite Universe ! - Can you accept it ? - Can you understand it ?

From the time way back when - when Man first gazed at the heavens - First questioned his existence - to now when he realizes how vast these heavens are - this questioning spirit will not accept his existence or the universe he exists in as insignificant - For Man significance is a necessity of his existence.

And the more we see tha stars, the vastness of the universe shows no limits - Are we to believe that it ever had limits ? - Our current science shows us that the vastness of the universe has no limits.
- The Big Bang only explains a small part of an unlimited number of galaxies in a paradigm of existence that has no limits.

Can you live with this Human ? - Can you accept that Existence is infinite ??

No beginnings - no ends - Only an eternal state of Creation - A creation that begs for a creator - And yet there is no evidence that a Creator exists - So who are you Man ? - Why are you given the right, privilege and burden to understand the infinite nature of a Cosmos so vast that your small minds can hardly imagine what you are seeing ?

We are asking you this question now - We will ask it again, if you survive, a thousand years from now.

Tell us Human - What does it mean to stare at a sky without limits ? Tell us where you want to go next.....