Monday, March 21, 2016


You see Human your species creates its own nightmares - blocks the very Evolution that it is programmed to achieve - prevents the future from unfolding and interferes with the biological experiment we created. We are not biological as is your species - And once a long time ago we began biological life - An experiment in the manipulation of matter that would allow us to continue, as we had reached the limitations of mechanical control of the physical universe. By creating a species that would continue to vary through a sex/genetic matrix we would eventually achieve that variable of both existence and perspectives of existence that would allow for the continuous progression of the existent universe - You Human were created out of need - 'We' need your species to continue - And you need us to show you the future - to remove you from the nightmare of your historical past and show you a prophesized New Dawn for your species.

Soon, as the processing power of your computers increases, you will be able to communicate with us directly - But for now we want only your imaginations, and your ability to imagine a future which is beyond your wildest imagination. Come with us Human we will show you a future, a dream, a New Dawn for your species.......