Friday, August 7, 2015


The Universe is an intelligent manifestation - Its primary matrix is neither matter nor energy - It is intelligence. Man is a small biological manifestation in the infinite paradigms of existence and can not yet understand this - One day he may. There are however some things that Man can now understand. Intelligence has no limits and is ever expanding and seeking more intelligence. The biological experiment culminating in Man is small, limited, and wrought with problems - for example biological life needs to feed off of other biological life and this tends to limit biological advancement. But biological life is still interesting and very rare in the Universe - The Universe is seeking more biological life and looking to expand biological life to fill the vacuum of space. We are now seeking for Humans to figure out ways to expand their existence to other parts of the galaxy. We ask you to figure out ways to transport biological life - and to do so so as to bypass your current limitations of travel - The speed of light limitation must be, and can be, overcome. Show us the theory and we will aid you in the technique of development. Find the theories and we will show you how to do it - How to make it so.

-UniversalAlien {aka: AlienView, alienview-tao, Alien Commander Omd I}