Sunday, June 8, 2014


Assuming you believe in the existence of other beings in the cosmos {aliens}, and believe they have been covertly interacting with humans for quite some time now {maybe a long, long time} you might wonder why will they not make themselves known overtly - announce their presence to the world? I want you to consider the consequences of this action. Do humans trust each other on a global scale? NO, they do not and their bloody history of war and destruction is a matter of record. Now consider what would happen if one day an alien representative appears at the UN and says welcome. Now even if this alien gave a long speech on how they mean us no harm and are here to benefit Man, do you think that most people will believe it? - Probably not, and many problems will develop; Whereas many scientists and intellectuals will welcome their new alien friends, a good part of the population will not - paranoia is already rampant on the planet Earth - think what the appearance of a highly advanced superior race will cause. The problem is not currently  Surmountable  and the aliens for now will continue to observe, accumulate data, and occasionally may make isolated contact with certain select individuals. Yes, in this case of humans of the Planet Earth, the non-interference rule as depicted in the sci-fi epic Star Trek must be enforced. If Man were to evolve to a higher state showing signs of an advancing civilization, Aliens might then change their view of humanity and agree that direct contact is warranted.


'Live Long and Prosper'