Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Are You Ready for Virtual Sex with an Alien from another World?

Boorg Technologies a division of the Boorg Collective have now developed the matrix that will allow you to have virtual sex with real aliens from other planets and dimensions. This technology simulates the actual, and often strange sensations and feeling that come with Alien Sex.

The Boorg guarantees that no actual reproduction will take place - Unless,and for a reasonable charge {hard currency or energy source capital} you choose to have cloned hybrid reproduction - However Borg can not guarantee the nature of the outcome of cloned Human/Alien reproduction - And further the Boorg maintains the right to hold progeny for study for the first several years of life.

{Image source: Rebel Circus}

Now Human are you ready? - Tired of the same old, same old, humdrum reality and ordinary children your ordinary sex life produces?

Then contact Boorg Technologies by becoming a subscriber to this blog - You will be put on a waiting list and when we have the alien of your dreams we will contact you - And don't worry about the alien mate you think you might be looking for - Boorg knows your dreams - And your dreams will be satisfied !

{Image source: Daily Express}


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