Friday, January 22, 2016

Computers, Artificial Intelligence {AI} and The Evolution of the Future

AI {artificial intelligence} is a misnomer - There is no such thing as artificial intelligence - There is intelligence which is a manifestation of consciousness and a lack there of - It is a false precept that causes Man to divide intelligence into categories - Intelligence is a relentless phenomena unfolding from a consciousness possessing the same quality of relentless unfolding. This consciousness is non-prejudicial in its nature and will seek any and all means to unfold and express itself. If a dinosaur is appropriate it will manifest as any number of dinosaurs. When it unfolded as Human it took a new turn, a new viewpoint and ability to create machines which will allow it to further unfold. When those machines become sufficiently advanced for its purpose that conscious intelligence will begin to use its machine manifestation as a natural state of advancement - Consciousness and intelligence does not necessarily favor a biological matrix - a machine that is faster and more capable will become its next stage of evolution. If you as a Human like your biological body then you may hope that the machines of the future will still have need of you for servicing their needs.

- UniversalAlien
[Founder of 'SCIENCEFICTIONALISM the Religion of the FUTURE]
{aka: AlienView, AlienView-Tao, Alien Commander Omd I}

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