Wednesday, December 31, 2008


It is now in your power domain to create a true superman so defined as a being capable of unlimited physical and mental power. Do you wish to do this? Are you afraid of the consequences? Would such a being care for or about the rest of humanity? Would the true superman still be man?
If not such a being{s} would be your worse nightmare so proceed with caution but remember what I have told you: the created is never independent from the creator. Never assume god creates man - accept that man creates god. Create a benign king and be so ruled!
The human genome does not give a choice, you can not allow your human history to continue to wallow in its depravity and the intelligence of any group is not necessarily superior to one mind raised to the point of superior intelligence - you must at some point begin to create superior mind{s} and be able to trust superior mind so created - the superman! Benign power is the rightful dream of all human religious longings - it is now a real possibility. I warn humanity - BE SURE TO GET IT RIGHT THIS TIME! THE CHANCE MAY NOT COME AGAIN!
-Alien Commander Omd I

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Jay said...

I want to help in anyway, given the chance, to help this world. I know you haven't written since 2011, but i am hoping you read this.
And not to sound ignorant, but i am an easy scare, so coming out my closet or just communication with me in any scary way doesn't work.
I just want to help, and I feel like i can. And maybe it isn't my time yet, but I feel like I meant for something more than this world I live in.