Wednesday, August 25, 2010

INTERGALACTIC SPACE TRAVEL Phase I: Perspective of the Universe

Apparently further human evolution as we prophesied will only occur if we can increase your perspective and overcome your current limitation to the small physical sphere {local universe} you seem trapped in; so as promised we will open the gate for you human.
As I have stated to you in previous communications, fantasy and reality are not absolutes and in fact all reality as so conceived by the human mind has a fantasy base
- another words there is no provable fixed reality - we and the universe, galaxy, and/or whatever dimension you wish to access is always relative to the access-er.
Therefor the first step in intergalactic space travel is to accept the reality of it - even though it currently may seem to be a fantasy. The next step is to understand there is no definitive differentiation between inner and outer space - your inner mind must comprehend outer space, intergalactic travel, and the hence realized fantasy! You may consider these concepts to be unimportant philosophical abstracts BUT their understanding is imperative.
When and if you begin to comprehend the inner/outer space frontier, you will be ready to begin comprehending and developing the means of travel and ascension into outer space.
The next step will require a more comprehensive view and perspective of the known {perceived} universe - your current space, time and distance view is very flawed and limited
- its like you are looking at the universe in the same way your ancestors looked at the earth and thought it was flat and some astronomers thought the earth was at the center of the universe - and from some perspectives it might be depending on which universe.
Hopefully these simple concepts can be comprehended by human intelligence - for all your flaws human we still look forward to meeting you 'out-here' even though your primitive minds are still not civilized they are still interesting to us and a greater perspective may be of help to you and remains of interest to us.

Alien Commander Omd I

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Jay said...

Its like a story i heard while watching a movie ... allegedly found in a diary, in Magellan’s own handwriting”... it describes how Southern Native Americans could see Magellan’s ships anchored offshore. Their shaman stared out to sea and by imagining what he was looking for, and was finally able to make out the ships. He was then able to point them out to others, until at last everyone could see the ships. The shaman could do this because he alone was open to the possibilities of strange things from other worlds.