Friday, December 17, 2010

INTERGALACTIC SPACE TRAVEL Phase II: The Development of the Way

INTERGALACTIC SPACE TRAVEL Phase II: The Development of the Way

We will open the gates to deep space {intergalactic] travel. And we will do it through conceptual communication to you. Ultimately though it will be up to human enterprise to initiate working plans and a working system.

First let me repeat part of a previous communication:
"As stated previously as matter is = to energy / reality is so related to, equal to and often rooted in fantasy. For those of you who would dispute this let me point out that there is no known, provable reality. All beings viewing this communication are seeing it physically and mentally from a different perspective - an absolute physical reality has never been and will never be proven - AND THERE LIES BOTH THE PROBLEMS AND THE SOLUTIONS TO THE HIGHER REALMS OF OUTER SPACE! The currently accepted Einstein universe of E=MC2 was not a discovery! IT WAS AN INVENTION! If you understand this you can see that the science fiction concepts of 'warp drive' and 'wormholes' can be and should be developed / invented and the universe will open!"

Now a working theory:
First eliminate the concept of 'the' universe and rather accept the concepts of parallel universes and/or dimensions. This will make it easier to transcend the limitation of not being able to go faster than the speed of light OR you will have to replace the Einstein universe with another - you are currently not capable of doing this. SO WHAT YOU DO, {remember what I told you all discoveries in science are forms of invention since there is no absolute reality}, is you create a parallel universe/dimension which does not contradict, oppose, or conflict with your accepted or known universe BUT is different than AND YET can temporarily intermesh with the known universe AND THEN can be detached from it and can then be un-created or stored. IN THAT TEMPORARY CREATED UNIVERSE THE SPEED OF LIGHT IS NO LONGER USED TO MEASURE OR LIMIT MOTION OR SPACE - AND IN FACT THERE IS 'ALMOST' INSTANTANEOUS ABILITY TO CHANGE POSITION OF MATTER - YOU ARE HERE ONE 'MOMENT' AND CAN BE MANY LIGHT YEARS IN THE NEXT!!! The important issue is to remember that the alternative universe/dimension must be detachable from known reality and can not alter the current universe past certain limits of which you must calculate.

-Alien Commander Omd I


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Laci the Chinese Crested said...

I had the revelation that the speed of thought was the fastest speed because I could be anywhere in the universe through my thoughts.