Monday, March 14, 2011


It is unfortunate that we need to communicate a reminder that humans YOU ARE STILL IGNORANT OF THE POTENTIAL HARM OF YOUR OWN TECHNOLOGY! 'I' have warned you before of the potential of artificial intelligence out doing and enslaving you BUT again human stupidity poses an even greater threat - HOW THE HELL CAN YOU BUILD A MACHINE {ie. A Nuclear Reactor} WITHOUT A 'FAIL-SAFE' SWITCH TO TURN IT OFF!!! We are not interested in excuses - there are none! When we allow you the power and intelligence for intergalactic space travel we also would expect you to be able to control it - and not destroy yourselves with your own ineptitude in handling your current technological dimension.
How humans can you expect to travel the galaxy, universe{s}, and/or other dimensions when you still can not master your own technology and can not control the structure of the planet you are living on - YOU HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY TO PREDICT AND IN FACT PREVENT EARTHQUAKES BUT YOU DO NOT USE IT - INSTEAD YOU USE NUCLEAR ENERGY AS AN ECONOMICAL CONVENIENCE {which it is} BUT FAIL TO BUILD IT SO IT CAN BE TURNED OFF QUICKLY IN AN EMERGENCY!!!
Wise up human and one day you may still INHERIT THE STARS!!!

May our force be with you,
-Alien Commander Omd I

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