Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We will continue to communicate with you human as a few of your responses indicate the possibilty of the Advanced Intelligence Paradigm - the scientific revolution that will further human evolution as we told you was the basic reason for beginning contact with you several years ago.
Today we will focus on tornados and how they will benefit your economy - yes, like wars and other destructive natural and and unatural events - your economic system and mentality profits on destruction - YOU WILL NOT TRAVEL TO THE HIGHER DIMENSIONS OF INNER AND OUTER SPACE UNTIL YOU TRANSCEND THIS VERY HUMAN FLAW.
It is necessary for you to master the planet you are living on before your presence will be accepted in other parts of the known and unknown universe. WE WANT TO SEE YOU DO THIS!
You have the technology, but lack the leadership and cohesiveness to achieve - Again, and as we said previously: "take us to your leader" ?!?! {No we are not talking about a fascist madman or other defective mind!}.
Until that time we will still try to stimulate the Advanced Intelligence Paradgm in the hope that you may yet advance.
We have already told you that the entire energy/fuel problem could be solved with an inter-global grid of solar generators operating on nothing more than solar heat, steam generators and advanced engineering. Now we are going to suggest that tornados can be destroyed and the needless loss of life and property can be avoided. "STAR-WARS" technology of which you are already capable is a feasible solution - Tornados could be vaporized by high power lasers from satellites and/or aircraft.
The planet Earth can and should be conquered - but not by military madnes - rather by New Dawn Science and the Advanced Intelligence Paradigm.

-Alien Commander Omd I

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