Sunday, July 3, 2011


We are aliens and have an agenda. What our agenda is right now is to determine if humans are capable of advanced intelligence. More specifically we would like to know if humans {ie. humanoids, the human race, people} have an agenda stretching beyond their own noses.
What is your purpose in being in this universe/dimension? What do you propose to do with your planet earth? Can you take control of this planet before you destroy it and yourselves? Are you prepared for intergalactic exploration of the cosmos? What can you add to 'our' universe besides your inherit ability to wage war and destruction. Are you capable of advanced design and abstraction? Can you evolve beyond your mostly petty and trite history? Can you seriously say I am HUMAN and proud of it?

Thank you for your response,
-Alien Commander Omd I


Old Crow said...

Sounds good to me. I can turn Earth into a paradise.

Laci The Dog said...

I would like to see a world where the wealth is distributed equitably--those who are more fortunate will share with those less fortunate instead of the current situation where 1% hogs most of the wealth.

I would respect the environment and culture.

Unfortunately, the former superpower known as the United States has made a virtue of ignorance. That is one of the many factors in its collapse.

Education and knowledge should be revered and encouraged while ignorance should be countered.

I welcome your help in using knowledge to ameliorate the living conditions on planet earth by using beneficial technologies that will benefit the many rather than the few.


i like opening there mind.

Rick Tran said...

WOW, is this For "Reals"...
Well...AnyWays, Pretty much What Laci The Dog said...But I'm Going to Assume that She is Talking about the People Who have Made Dollar Bill Itself...As the Way Our World Works, and with the Existence of Time (in our Dimension), and the Existence of Numbers...Time Adds Up just Like Numbers and Dollars Do. Along with Our Emotions of Love and Hate