Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Since the existance of reality can not be proven, is it now time to replace the so-called real world with a better one?

Since the existance of reality can not be proven, is it now time to replace the so-called real world with a better one?

This question is asked in earnest and not just as a philosophical exercise of the mind. When we asked the question recently: "Can you give a definition of reality that is both objective and subjective, and provable?", we were pleased to find indications of human intelligence, which some of us still debate the existance of, but of course no 'proof' of any absolute reality was given since it does not exist.

So if we will grant the reality of human intelligence, we want to go one step further and ask you if you could accept the possibility of the replacement of your current 'real world' with a more advanced and improved reality - literally and in fact a better world - a so called New Dawn? {The Renaissance of the 21st Century}.

[Picture the most advanced achievements imaginable by science and science fiction with one condition - you have to give up on mortal warfare to solve issues. Truly warlike humanoids are regressive, barbaric and not worthy of the hypothetical world proposed BUT we are not against sports, games or profitable enterprise]

Alien disclosure occurs with The New Dawn,
- Alien Commander Omd I


Laci The Dog said...

Please see my comment to your latest post as it is more appropriate to this one. Here it is again:

Part of the right’s dislike of the Elite (wow,if that isn’t a contradiction!) is their distrust of “experts”. Those people who know all that stuff, they must be wrong!

We know about one of these people’s relationship with reality from his "military service". He was found to have not served since the units he claimed to serve in were nowhere near the theatres of combat. That probably explains why he missed the memo on the rest of reality. He’s off in his bizarre parallel universe which somehow intersects ours via the internet.

These people who claim to "love America" advocate policies that have crippled the country through their ignorance (I think this phenomenon is worse in the States). Maybe these policies do work in their universe, but they are detrimental to this one

This goes to my theory of parallel universes, which physicists have begun to suggest is more a likelihood than not. This isn't just a mad theory I have, but may be accepted scientific fact that parallel universes exist. These universes influence each other.

I think we should work on bridging the gap between reality and the better parallel universe where the solutions to these problems exist. We also need to block the influences from the negative parallel universe where these people exist. Let them destroy their world!

It makes my brain hurt to think that these people are out there.

Even worse that they manage to influence our universe from theirs.

There must be some bizarre explanation which could be provided if we had a better understanding of quantum physics as to how this influencing of our universe from a bizarre parallel universe works. I hope that someone will soon claim a Nobel Prize for working out how to block the right wing parallel universe from interfering with reality.

Laci The Dog said...

I was thinking that it would be nice if any vestiges of the military were relinquished to museums or kept as reminders of when humans were truly barbaric peoples.

And as a reminder that those were not the "good old days" the way people idolise wars and the old west.

Rick Tran said...

Wow, Interesting to think of How a Parallel Universe would Connect with Another through the Internet...But Nowadays, with all of the "Interesting" incidences of Paranormality..It is Definitely "Believable"?,,,So the "Negative Parallel Universe" existence is Composed of Only "Negative" Characters. While the "Positive Parallel Universe is Where Only "Positive" One's are Found?...HHHhhmmn, That Racks My Brain:.: