Friday, August 12, 2011


Tired of reading all that conspiracy junk on the web even though you know there is at least some truth to it? Well try this on for size humans - we are part of a much larger conspiracy which trumps the petty power plays of human conspirators. We are part of a conspiracy to control the universe. Don't believe us? Feel limited by the small, petty humanoid mind? Well wake-up and see the stargates, the black holes, the worm holes and avoid the a-holes! We accept no limitations, no beginnings, no ends, only endless creative development of the super dimensions of creation.

Our universe was never created and can never be destroyed. our universe is creation itself, endless and unending. The only thing that should finally end is the petty and trite inter-humanoid power struggles. We again ask you humans: Is it not time to begin a new and better history for your species? Think About it!

-Alien Commander Omd I

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Laci The Dog said...

Part of the right’s dislike of the Elite (wow,if that isn’t a contradiction!) is their distrust of “experts”. Those people who know all that stuff, they must be wrong!

We know about one of these people’s relationship with reality from his "military service". He was found to have not served since the units he claimed to serve in were nowhere near the theatres of combat. That probably explains why he missed the memo on the rest of reality. He’s off in his bizarre parallel universe which somehow intersects ours via the internet.

These people who claim to "love America" advocate policies that have crippled the country through their ignorance (I think this phenomenon is worse in the States). Maybe these policies do work in their universe, but they are detrimental to this one

This goes to my theory of parallel universes, which physicists have begun to suggest is more a likelihood than not. This isn't just a mad theory I have, but may be accepted scientific fact that parallel universes exist. These universes influence each other.

I think we should work on bridging the gap between reality and the better parallel universe where the solutions to these problems exist. We also need to block the influences from the negative parallel universe where these people exist. Let them destroy their world!

It makes my brain hurt to think that these people are out there.

Even worse that they manage to influence our universe from theirs.

There must be some bizarre explanation which could be provided if we had a better understanding of quantum physics as to how this influencing of our universe from a bizarre parallel universe works. I hope that someone will soon claim a Nobel Prize for working out how to block the right wing parallel universe from interfering with reality.

Can you provide us with the answer to the problem of the leakage from the Universe of the lunatic right?

I thank you in advance!