Saturday, September 21, 2013


Would you like to be immortal human? Are you sure? Think about it - Immortality is not for everyone. If you have decided you want to be immortal we will show you how.

First you must accept and believe in the ability to create conscious AI {artificial intelligence}; There are computer scientists now working on this and success is inevitable. For now I will simplify the process of how you may begin to create your immortal self. Begin with the most powerful computer you can find and load as much of your conscious self into it that you can think of - and then think again - and think about how you think - make your machine think like you think and program it accordingly - Can you do this? Machines calculate somewhat differently than their human creators but they were created by humans and can be made to think like humans. Now I want you to add personality traits - not an easy task but still feasible. Next I want you to begin to 'dialogue' with your machine - talk to it, play games with it, ask for advice. Still wtih me human? OK let us travel up to the next level. I want you to let your new found friend begin to make decisions for you - Ask it to help you out on making decisions {but aren't you already doing this humanoid when you use the machine to calculate for you?]; So nothing really new - just an advancement to your new future as an immortal.

Next we will go for the 'human/machine interface' where we download 'all' of your conscious and sub-conscious mind into the machine {Note: where we come from this is a simple procedure; human scientists have not yet perfected this but soon will}. When you have taken these steps and can communicate with your twin brother machine you are ready for the final steps. With a continuous dialogue with your machine and continuous 'tweaking' of the results you will eventually be able to begin an intelligent and conscious exchange of 'conscious thought' - you think and the macine thinks - you have cloned your consciousness into your machine - the machine is a reflection of your mind and can think with your mind - And ultimately will be able to think for you - And in a very real sense will be you!

Now do you still want immortaliy? - We have told you enough for now human - time to think for yourself - in the age of the New Dawn where science is more fantastic than science fiction.

-Alien Commander Omd I {aka: alienview-tao, AlienView, UniversalAlien}

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Anonymous said...

Maybe not myself, but I do believe someone who has a strong since of 'good' should live forever to be an overview. Someone to stop things from going the wrong way. A great connecter