Monday, March 24, 2014

Philosophy, Singularity, and the Birth of the New Dawn

It is time - time to transcend the rhetoric of the past - It is time to see the human mind transcend to its potential. Philosophers continue to rhetorically define concepts that do not require rhetoric - they require understanding in real time in a real paradigm of what is, what was, and what can be. It is time to stop reacting to history and to start writing it as we want it to be - Time for man to become the master of his own destiny - Time for philosophy to accept an historical paradigm of the will of the mind of Man - not to fear logic but to master it- Time to see creation, not as the will of a mystical creator but as the will of Man as the ultimate product of and definer of creation. 'I think, therefor I am'? Even better, We create therefor we evolve. Mind is not a philosophical abstract - Mind is the will of a being that must master the environment and the universe that he perceives and creates with his perception. They say the universe is expanding - Who says this? What mind perceives this? Is it your mind philosopher? Is your mind willing to ride the dragon? Is your philosophy strong enough to ride into a New Dawn?

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