Friday, April 8, 2016

Would you like to be a Mutant Superhero ?

Greetings Human,

Boorg Industries, Inc. in cooperation with the United Federation of Intergalactic Species {UFIS} and as part of "Operation New Dawn - The beginning of the Future", announces the programs' search for Human volunteers for a new genetic procedure which allows for DNA manipulation which will allow us to upgrade your current body into an evolved Mutant - capable of feats now only seen in science fiction.

We can now clone your DNA in such a way so as to upgrade you while leaving you in possession of your original body. No longer will it be necessary to clone a separate you or transfer your consciousness to an artificial matrix. - You will still be you - Only you will be much more - with powers beyond your wildest imagination. Think about it Human you can now be like your favorite mutant {like X-Men, Mutant X, Deadpool, Spiderman. Daredevil, Iron Man, the Avengers, etc, etc] and of course in the real world of real Mutants there is no limit to super powers we can develop - And custom tailor through genetics to you and your potentials

Are you ready Human? Ready to step into the future? Ready to become the Mutant you always wanted to be?

Well we are ready for you Human - ready to advance you into the future.

But there is one stipulation before you will be accepted into our program - You must show us that you intend to use your powers for good - intend to be a superhero and not an evil force that we will then have problems with in the future.

So here Human is your chance to give us a preliminary resume of who you are, what type of Mutant powers you would like to have, and how you plan on using these powers when you receive them {ie. to fight crime, terrorism, etc.}.

Ready Human ? - Ready to be a Mutant Superhero !

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