Friday, May 6, 2016

The Case for Alien Control of the Planet Earth

Throughout the galaxy various species are debating what is called "The Human Problem".

Many species see Man as an anachronism - A species that can not evolve past its animalistic roots - Not capable of controlling its own kind and the environment of its Planet. With its development of advanced means of warfare {nuclear and robotics, drones, etc.} and Man's further attempts at deep space travel - Many see Humans as a threat to the well being of their own species - And the current consensus of UFIS {The United Federation of Intergalactic Species} is that Humans and the Planet Earth must be brought under control.

This post is being written as a question for you, who call yourselves Human, to tell us why we should allow your species to continue on its way into space, knowing full well your history and its often barbaric way - Still manifest in on going wars on your planet.

We want you to tell us why we should not take full control of your planet? - Present a case for your species - Tell us why we should let your species progress into deep space - Tell us you have a plan for the future of your species in the far reaches of the galaxy - And how you will react when you meet other species far more advanced, both technologically, and in levels of higher civilization.

This is your opportunity Human - Tell us why we should accept you in the Galactic Empire of advanced beings?

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