Friday, November 14, 2008


Computers existed before man and the current use of computers by humans is intrinsic to the new gates being opened for you BUT the misuse of the inherit intelligence being used can be disastrous and will create a situation similar to the 'Tower of Babel' in your ancient history.
With computers well used HUMAN EVOLUTION STAGE II can proceed smoothly and with great benefit to human individuals and human civilization. Proceed boldly and yet cautiously. Avoid obsession with profit and power and consider profit and power for beneficent reasons.
Current state of the art medical imaging, tests and treatments could allow computers to eliminate most human diseases before they occur - you could use computers for great advantage to your civilization but will ultimately have to give up some of the profits involved in the current state of incompetent medical practice - you could image and eliminate 95% of humanoid diseases before they begin! We see you are sometimes moving in this direction, but you are moving too slowly because of politics and profit and in fact while benefiting a few you are creating tremendous loss to many, if not to most. We are not against the human profit motive but suggest
you maintain meaning as the most significant part of profit.
-Alien Commander Omd I

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