Thursday, February 5, 2009


We do not use money and no longer need it nor do we have what you would call an economic system. But since your stage of evolution still requires money we will help you.
First, you must understand what money is and what it is not. Money is trade value AND IT IS NOT A CREDIT STATEMENT - this is the basic root of your current problem, you and especially your bankers and speculators attempt to turn trade agreements into gambling credits - it is amazing that your system has stood up this long with this foolish way of allowing profiteers to manipulate the true value of money - A TRADE AGREEMENT. Apparently you did not learn your lessons in 1929 and you are heading into the same disastrous result and will then require the same tragic situation where you will require the need of a great disaster {such as a big war} to dig your way out. We wonder why you need to create tragedy? MAN DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A TRAGIC FIGURE IN OUR UNIVERSE.
Get smart and put your will and values into what is really valuable, not artificially manipulated speculation but real production value and profits based upon benefits to both the speculators and the population as a whole - Otherwise the speculators may find they are holding money and bank statements not worth the paper they are printed on!!!
-Alien Commander Omd I

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