Wednesday, February 11, 2009


We are still amazed at the current triviality of your mysticism and science and your inability to comprehend reality and the difference between reality and illusion - And ultimately the inability for you to realize that there is no clear line between reality and illusion - All reality is an illusion but not all illusion creates reality. Up to modern times you assumed that energy and matter could not be exchanged and now you realize that not only can they be exchanged but in fact all matter is energy. And now I will tell you again ALL REALITY IS ILLUSION! - There are no limitations to scientific AND/OR mystical theories that may alter AND/OR create new realms of reality.
Why keep harping on trivial prophecy {Mayan calendar, etc., etc.] as if it was based on some
absolute law of reality when there is no absolute reality? GET SMART! Begin to see our limitless universe and what I am offering you - limitless expectations!
Your current economic crisis can be reduced to triviality also if you will stop trusting accountants to count your money at this time and realize that your current economic crisis is being caused by a lack of faith in your so-called money and what this really is is your lack of faith in each other.
People of the world should now put their faith in the new American President {Barack Obama}. WHY?
Because even though like all humans he is a fool - he is a good-natured fool and is a man of goodwill and if you give him your confidence your current economic problems will resolve, faith will be restored and that is what you currently need. Remember your famous movie actor president Ronald Reagan who in his greatest roll as president turned your then sinking economy around with such profound words as 'doubting Thomases' - again goodwill and faith are still the best answer to human stupidity.
But again let me empahasize that you should see money as a trade agreement based upon faith in value {and in people} - not in the obscure way you currently manipulate it for credit {ie. to gamble with}.
-Alien Commander Omd I

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