Thursday, December 23, 2010

ARE YOU AN ALIEN? {from another planet, universe or dimension}?

ARE YOU AN ALIEN? {from another planet, universe or dimension}?

Do you observe one or more of the following traits or attitudes:
1. Do you feel that in no way could you have evolved from a monkey or other lesser life form and in fact if anything you have devolved from a superior alien race?
2. Do you feel you are the wrong person in the wrong time in the wrong place?
3. Do you feel you do not belong with any human group and even though you may get along with humans they are never really family even if they are in fact blood relations?
4. Do you feel that you may actually be someone else?
5. Do you long for the 'home planet' and to meet your real friends?
6. Do you believe UFOs are real spacecraft and in the need to communicate with more advanced races humanoid and otherwise?
7. Are you obsessed with science fiction and do you feel the most important ability
humans can now achieve is intergalactic space/dimension travel?
8. If offered an opportunity to fly on an alien craft would you accept?
9. Do you think you may be 'ONE OF US' and not just a thinking monkey?
10. And finally do you feel that your current humanoid form, no matter how perfect or imperfect, is not right but needs improvement and/or advancement?

If you have answered yes to more than 4 of the previous questions then consider the possibility that in fact you may be 'ONE OF US' and that you are in fact from our universe/dimension and that you may in fact be able to achieve great wonders of scientific and biological advancement and one day see and/or create worlds that the normal humanoid mind can barely imagine!

-Alien Commander Omd I


vetikke said...

Thank you for this!

here is my story.. weird i know, but its mine..
Vet Ikke :)

Jay said...

Yes to all of this. This explains my other comment I made. Why I feel different from other people. The only people I truly love are my mother, my Grandparents and my boyfriend. I love my mother and my grandparents because they have loved me and taught me everything I know. And my boyfriend may sound silly but even though he has his flaws, I know he is a good person at heart who has had bad circumstances and wasn't blessed with a wonderful parent like my mother or grandparents who wanted the best for him.
I don't feel arrogant but at times I feel smarter when it comes to common sense, morals and just being happy and loving towards people. I know I'm not perfect but I would never spend millions of dollars on weapons, give the rich ways to steal money from the poor, and just create a world possessed by power.
I know civilization is going downhill and I see it everyday when I see the horrible things such as rape, trafficking of young girls, murder and even production of nonsense like cigarettes. its all meaningless.
people need to get it together and stop all this
And Alien space travel has always sounded awesome to me :)